Ioana Elena Marinescu
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My monthly column for the French newspaper Liberation

I am an economist at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. My research aims at constructing models of the interplay between institutions and the behavior of agents with a focus on economic outcomes. These models should have a direct statistical/econometric counterpart to allow for empirical validation. The statistical analysis of the data should be complemented with the relevant qualitative knowledge about institutions and agents' behavior. Finally, my research should have practical implications for policy making.

Current position

Assistant professor in economics, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy


My paper "HIV, Wages and the Skill Premium" is accepted in the Journal of Health Economics [pdf].

I will be at the NBER Summer Institute in Boston on July 14-18 and 21-25 2014. I will be presenting my paper "The General Equilibrium Impacts of Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from a Large Online Job Board".

Current research projects

I have several projects on online labor markets, with a focus on search and matching.

I am working on the labor market implications of college major choice.